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Alright. It happened. Site is up and prints are live. It’s a weird feeling throwing all of this together when its inception came about on a deployment through Africa. I had no idea that this would come of it. And let’s be honest, SDV is but a peon in the space. However, its cool to have a very small space of my own to throw something into the world.

That being said, like I blasted out on IG, I’d like to have people submit to this Blog. Look, I’m not looking for cool guy shit to fill the space. Id like to be able to throw anything down here that is thought provoking or just has a vibe to it. I had a dude hit me up about wanting to submit his writings about becoming a father in the world today; I thought that shit was hard.

So, let’s put some good stuff into the ether. Thank you all for the support.


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